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You can regain control of your financial situation with the help of a Tupelo bankruptcy attorney at Bryson Law Firm. If you are overwhelmed with debt, discuss your case with us. While we understand that bankruptcy should be the last option, we also believe it is a positive option. We can guide you through the process with care and compassion.

What Debt Do You Need To Eliminate?

We understand that overpowering debt is never intentional. More often than not, it is the result of unforeseen situations. Perhaps you were seriously injured and have to miss work. Without a regular paycheck, maybe you turned to your credit card for help. Maybe it is the medical bills themselves that have grown out of control. Whatever the case may be, we can help. Through consumer bankruptcy, you may be able to eliminate credit card bills, medical debt and other kinds of unsecured debt, while gaining control over secured debt.

Bankruptcy Options

Chapter 7 is the most commonly used personal bankruptcy option. This is sometimes referred to as liquidation bankruptcy, although that term is somewhat misleading. In some cases, liquidation of some assets may be required. However, it is also possible that you will be able to keep everything you own, including your car and your home.

Chapter 13 is often referred to as wage earner's bankruptcy. In Chapter 13, you will create a payment plan to repay all or some of your debt. This plan will be based on your current income. In Chapter 13, you are not required to liquidate any assets. For this reason, this option is commonly used to stop foreclosure and keep people in their homes.

We will review your case and help you determine the type of bankruptcy that is right for you. Then we will stand by your side until you reach solid financial ground.

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