Property, Probate, and Estate

Property and inheritance issues can be especially complex because many of the relevant bodies of law date back for many centuries. At Bryson Law Firm, we enjoy the intricacies of complex legal systems. We use the many puzzle pieces of the law to craft novel and effective solutions for our clients. We don't just use the common toolset. This field is rich with long buried gems that are supported by case law but rarely used in modern practice. This becomes your advantage.


If you are the administrator an estate, an attorney at Bryson Law Firm will guide you step by step through the statutory requirements of administration and everyday hurdles of effectively managing an estate. If you are executor of an estate, we will help you to probate the will and defend those that might fight the will. A Bryson Law Firm attorney will put in the effort required to insure that your property and real estate is protected over the long term.

Contested Estates

If your interest in an estate is being attacked, you will need an experienced Tupelo probate attorney to defend your rights. Probates are among the biggest fights in civil law. There are so many rules, there is evidence, and there is deception to be uncovered. Exhibits, witnesses, and experts can be put before a jury. Bryson Law Firm will craft a comprehensive plan to defend your rights. A Mississippi probate attorney from Bryson Law Firm will litigate the rules and share your story before a judge or jury.

Estate Planning

As estate planners, Bryson Law Firm will craft wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and end of life directives that anticipate areas of legal risk. Since we know how to fight and defend estates and property, we know how to craft end of life documents that will withstand challenges to make sure your wishes are protected.

Areas of Estate and Property Practice:

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